Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bar Harbor, Maine

We are staying at Bar Harbor Campground. It is beautiful here. The campground is on a bluff overlooking the ocean. There are ocean breezes and it gets cool in the evenings. This is the first time I have worn long pants on this trip. We met up with "The Anon Travelers" again and we are actually staying in a campspot quite close to theirs. Judy and "The Anon Travelers" went for a bike ride today along the carriage roads in Acacia National Park. I went into town and ate lunch. They have lots of different kinds of seafood restaurants in town. Too bad I don't like seafood.

We met up with some friends, Judy W and Carol from San Diego Tuesday in Seabrook, New Hampshire. Judy W. grew up in this area around Boston. They were renting a house with some friends. We got to go inside their house and sit on the couch. It was so awesome after spending the last seven weeks in a campervan to sit in a living room on a sofa.

sunset at campground 
Carol and Judy
sunrise at campground 

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