Sunday, June 28, 2015

Maine to New Hampshire to Vermont

Last night we had dinner at The Chart Room with Carol and Judy from San Diego. Thanks to "The Anon  Travelers" for recommending it.

Today we left "The Anon Travelers" and Maine because the weather was bad.  It is fifty degrees with wind and heavy rain all day. It is hard to be prepared for all the weather extremes.

We are now parked in Berlin, Vermont at a Walmart. We haven't been able to stay at a Walmart for a while because it has been too hot. No worries about that here.

Judy ate lunch at a roadside bbq place. I am still having some digestion issues so I am trying to keep it simple. Thanks to Lyn for helping me understand GERD. I will be avoiding dairy and chocolate except if we visit Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream tomorrow. We stopped for a tour of the Cabot Creamery this afternoon. 

Judy bbq trailer for lunch

Auto transmission shop
roadside sculpture art 
Cabot Creamery, (unauthorized picture)


  1. Wish I was w/you because Vermont & N. Dakota are the only ststes I haven't been to.

    1. I wish you were here too. It would be fun.