Sunday, June 14, 2015

New York

We made it to New York. We are camping across the water in New Jersey a short ferry ride to New York. We are very excited to have made it this far.

Our camping spot is in a broken-down boat yard. We can see the other campers on the other side of the fence. Those spots are not much better than ours. They over-booked the campsites because they had some unexpected construction from the city. We originally had an okay place to park, but the electricity was reading reverse polarity on my surge device so we asked to be relocated. We have to run our electrical cord through the fence. There's more, but I'm tired and hot.

We rode the ferry into town and saw the 9/11 memorial. We could also see The Statue of Liberty. We ate dinner there and are now back at our van. I was going to say campspot, but we already covered that.

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