Monday, June 29, 2015

Shelburne Museum, Ben and Jerry's

We went on The Ben and Jerry's Ice cream tour in Waterbury, Vermont. The Tour takes about a half an hour and you get a small sample of the flavor of the day. We tasted vanilla salted carmel swirl.

We then went on to The Shelburne Museum. It is a diverse and unconventional museum with collections of art, design and Americana. There were 28 buildings with various collections. My favorite thing was The Walter Wick Exhibit. They had some paintings by Monet, Manet, and Degas. They had some quilts,  a blacksmith shop, old model train collections, and much more. We spent all day there and did not see everything. It was well worth the time we spent there.

We are staying at The North Beach Campground in Burlington, Vermont for the night. The campsites are very close together and the pay showers took our money, but did not work. It is 8:48pm and the sun is setting turning the sky red, orange, and purple.

The pictures below of the rhinoceros sticking out of the house and the file cabinet totem pole were things we just saw driving down the road today. 

campground sunset
Rhinoceros sticking out of a house
file cabinet totem pole
Shelburne Museum pond
the B n J replica cross country RV

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  1. Hi girls, Vermont seems to have a quirky n fun sense of humor- per your pics!! Enjoy ur day....A.