Thursday, June 18, 2015

Wompatuck State Park

We are in Hingham, Massachusetts camping. What a difference a day makes. We are both very glad to be out of the city and back into nature. Today was probably the most frenetic day of driving I have experienced...ever. We drove from New Jersey across The Elevated Lincoln Tunnel and out of New York City. That was a harrowing experience. There was traffic, tolls, lane changes, narrow roads, low bridges, and pot holes to maneuver. We got on The Bridgeport Parkway which is for cars only because of low bridges. We almost took the top off of Monica before we could exit. We paid a $14 toll for Monica and "The Anon Travelers" had to pay $76 for "The Taj Ma Jal" for the same road.

We are in a nice, quiet, uncrowded campground for the night. We are planning on staying here three days.

The pictures are of our neighbors camping last night in the boat yard and of today's campsite.

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