Sunday, August 2, 2015

Seattle Day Two

August 1, 2015
Discount Tire called this morning and they found me a replacement tire so I got that installed. Judy, Traci, and Ian went to Bikram's Yoga. Then Traci went off geocaching and Ian and Judy went for a 25 mile bike ride on The Sammamish Bike trail. They did all this with a heat advisory for Seattle.

Traci and Ian's dog Kioko doesn't like Pumpkin so we have to keep them separated. Pumpkin and I are hanging out in the driveway with the AC on watching the parking lot. This might sound not so good, but it is actually okay. The condo is not air conditioned and the van does feel like home to us after three months living in it. Too bad there is nothing good on over the air TV.

Tomorrow there will be more of the same weather. I am going to visit Christie Wilson at her house and have lunch. She has two dogs that are Pumpkin's size so that will be good for him. At least if the dogs don't get along no one will be seriously injured or killed.

We have been able to get Ian's wifi in the parking lot so I have been researching places to live and rental properties. It's been mostly discouraging. There are not a lot of rentals in SLO and the ones we have found are less than ideal. Sometimes we both get a little worried about finding someplace to live especially with two pets. Our plans are to leave Seattle and has south Monday morning.

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